Unit 36: Assignment 4 – World Music Project

The inspiration for this track came from a Moroccan vocal I came across. I chopped up the hour long piece to find the perfect parts to sample. I ended up choosing about five or six short clips. I based the key of the track on the vocal and instantly came up with the string intro and breakdown to accompany it. I added a warm sub bass kick to fill the low end of the track with experimental percussion and snares over the top. For the second drop I stripped the track back to just a snare, vocal chop and some fx, then added a stutter to the kick for eight bars before bringing some hats and percussion back in to add energy. I added layers and fx such as white noise sweeps, crashes and bits of percussion for thickness and tension. I automated reverbs, delays, filters on the master track and auto panning. When these are used in conjunction with each other it adds movement and fluidity to each section. Please find the finished track below.


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