Unit 25: Assignment 2 – Multi-track Recording and Mix

Multi-track Recording Project

I started by planning what and when I was going to record by booking the studio and preparing a list of equipment I will need. This enables a quicker and more efficient studio session. My plan is to compose an original composition by recording some steady drum loops taking influence from Bonobo. I will record at around 86bpm and also record individual hits and notes from a bass guitar.


Planning sheet including everything I will need for my studio recording.

Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 00.44.23

This is a rough sketch up of how I will layout the studio space. I will be using two overhead condenser microphones in the XY (coincident pair) position to capture an overall sound of the drums. I will be using a dynamic mic for the kick as it has a better low frequency response. Baffling will be used behind the drum kit to absorb the sound and stop it bouncing around the room. I will also be miking up the snare with a condenser mic and routing them all individually to their own channels in a logic file…Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 00.49.43

This is the outcome of my studio recording session. I recorded drum loops and individual  hits to allow for flexibility when composing the track later on. I also recorded individual notes from the bass guitar via the DI box and also through the dynamic bass amp microphone.

Once I had sorted through all the samples and audio files I started to arrange them in an Ableton file into a rough composition…Screen Shot 2017-04-04 at 00.54.22

I started experimenting with the sounds I had and found that the bass guitar sounded like a soft nylon stringed guitar when pitched up and so added it to a separate channel. I added audio effects such as compressors, delays, reverb etc. to enhance the sounds and added layers of strings and white noise for a fuller mix.

I was composing each piece making reference to Bonobo and his recent works as I am a great fan of his style and I feel I achieved it somewhat. I ended up making two versions with the audio I recorded which can both be heard by following the links to SoundCloud below.


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